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SELECT researcher sharing their findings


The Center’s scope of technology development covers a broad range including various components of electric vehicles (from the electric drivetrain and battery systems to electric motors), innovative concepts for charging infrastructure, energy storage from the vehicle to the grid and micro-grids, integration with the electric grid and renewable energy, autonomous vehicles and smart mobility concepts, and investigation into societal impact including techno-economics, environmental impact, transportation networks, and consumer acceptance.

Facilities and Labs

As the lead university, USU has the primary role for vehicle scale systems integration within SELECT. Critical to this role is the USU Electric Vehicle and Roadway (EVR) research facility and test track with 750 kVA service, a 5,000 square foot vehicle systems integration high-bay building, 20kW solar array, 100kWh energy storage, and a quarter mile electrified track. The facility includes unique capabilities for full-scale integration of vehicle and roadway technologies, including in-motion and stationary wireless charging roadway infrastructure. SELECT Center facilities further include state-of-the-art research labs at each academic partner, including a new $18M facility at Purdue University that specializes in propulsion systems and micro-grids, the new $1.3M Battery Limits and Survivability Testing (BLAST) Lab at USU, development test beds for hybrid energy storage systems at UCCS, and integrated modular power electronics and electric vehicle labs at CU-Boulder.

Wide view shot of SELECT's EVR track