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SELECT Center Student Opportunities

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The SELECT Center is built on solid and valued relationships across the campuses between students, faculty experts and industry partners who collaboratively and inclusively engage in student training and technology advancement. Graduate as well as undergraduate students associated with SELECT have opportunities to work in a variety of research areas including transportation infrastructure for electric transportation systems, transportation and grid infrastructure life cycle processes, optimization of power components and systems, data science and analytics, high-performance power converters, dynamic wireless power transfer for electric vehicles, ultra-high efficiency electric drivetrains, multi-modal data fusion, cyber-physical security, energy storage management systems, integration of distributed resources for electrified roadways, microgrids and traffic-power networks, dynamic pricing, electric transportation adoption/behavioral forecasting, market and policy studies and more. The invaluable experiences SELECT offers students result in internships and job opportunities with top tier employers across key electric transportation sectors.

SELECT Center faculty hire new undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers every semester across the campuses and disciplines. We invite you to complete and submit the form below to connect with faculty and join an email list for position openings.


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