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Self-charging electric cars may soon be a reality


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By: DJ Bolerjack — September24, 2014 - KUTV

(KUTV) Electric cars are the future in "Go Green" travel and Utah State University broke ground for a research facility that could help you drive without ever having to stop. The university revealed the state-of-the-art makings of self-charging electric vehicles, a research facility and a test track that will be the first of its kind in the country.

The facility will be 4,800 square feet and help with research using wireless inductive power transfer pads embedded into the roadway. While these self-charging cars drive down the road they will fuel themselves, reducing the need to stop and plug the car in at a charging station. For those of you who have electric cars now, according to Electric Vehicle and Roadway Director Regan Zane, within the next 3-5 years the production of the self-charging electric vehicles could be a reality.

"The concept is literally, we can embed charging systems into the major roadways," said Zane. Utah State University says by adopting 20 percent of these vehicles into the U.S. market, it will make drastic changes to our economy and environment. In fact the University estimates the changes could result in a 180 billion dollar annual cost savings and a 20 percent reduction in air pollution, along with a 10 percent decrease in CO2 emissions.

Zane says the hopes are to make the newer self-charging vehicles cheaper than the current electric cars on the road. In a press release sent out by Utah State University researchers anticipate that, "This technology will cost 30 percent less to purchase than current electric vehicles and 75 percent less to operate than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles." Zane says Utah State University hopes to have pilot studies and mass production of the vehicles within the next decade. (Copyright 2014 Sinclair Broadcast Group.)