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Utah State University builds the nation’s most advanced test facility for dynamic wireless charging


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By: Charles Morris — December 2014— CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine

Wireless charging is gradually making its way to the market. We’ve seen countless demonstration projects over the past few years, and a couple of OEMs have announced that they have wireless charging systems in the pipeline. Convenience is the most obvious reason to cut the cable, but wireless can deliver several other benefits as well (see What’s Up With Wireless? in our January/ February 2013 issue).

The first incarnations of commercialized stationary wireless systems will offer consumers a hands-free EV experience. The next step is dynamic wireless charging - topping up a vehicle’s battery while in motion, from pads embedded in the roadway. This would not only be a quantum leap in convenience, but it could reduce the need for large battery packs, especially for vehicles that operate on a fixed route, reducing vehicle weight and cost.