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SELECT the Future

The Sustainable Electrified Transportation (SELECT) Research Center is driving international adoption of electric transportation. Join us.

Top researchers, students, key industry partners and innovative thinkers develop relevant technologies in a unique collaborative approach: multi-campus, multi-disciplinary, industry-tied. SELECT research enables sustainable electrified transportation.

SELECT a rich partnership network

Meet the innovators who are helping drive the wide-scale implementation of sustainable electrified transportation for roadways (e.g., electric highways and smarter urban settings), off roadway applications, next generation air transit, and synergistic fields including automated vehicles and grid/micro grid integration.

Successful x-57 Battery Testing

December 2017: NASA and SELECT partner Electric Power Systems (EPS) have reached an important milestone this week testing the battery of the first all-electric X-plane. Initial battery thermal tests with representatives from EPS and NASA were successfully completed between Tuesday and Friday this week in the USTAR/EP Systems (EPS) funded Battery Limits and Survivability Testing (BLAST) Lab. All the equipment performed as designed and anticipated. Additional tests are planned in the coming months with EPS and other collaborators; moreover, the success of this week’s tests indicate tremendous opportunity for future collaborations and projects, grants, and contracts with USU, UPEL, and SELECT.

Read the full story about the x-57 Battery Testing

WAVE and Other SELECT Members Land $4.3M DOE Extreme Fast Charging Project

On April 30, 2018, the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technology Office announced $19 Million in awards for projects in “Advanced Battery and Electrification Research to Enable Extreme Fast Charging.” A $4.3 Million award will be granted to SELECT member WAVE along with Utah State University and other partners (including SELECT member Schneider Electric) to develop high-power wireless extreme fast charging technology that reduces charging time for electric drayage trucks at the Port of Los Angeles.

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SELECT innovative research

SELECT’s faculty and industry partnerships have assembled a broad, core set of research and technology development capabilities in vehicle electric powertrains, charging systems and infrastructure, energy storage, transportation engineering, and impact analysis.

SELECT calendar

Contact David Christensen (, SELECT Executive Director, for more information.

SELECT Brown Bag

November 2018 Presentation - Infrastructure and Pavement: Moving Electric Powered Transportation to the Next Level

Thursday, November 29, 2018

12:00pm – 1:00pm (MDT)

Marvin Halling, Professor, Utah State University
John Haddock, Professor, Purdue University
Marc Maguire, Assistant Professor, Utah State University

Electric vehicle (EV) technologies represent promising developments in the effort to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the accompanying pollution from the transportation sector. However, a significant barrier to wider adoption is the limited single-charge travel range of current EVs. Inductive power transfer (IPT) technology addresses this barrier by suggesting the ability to “add” power to a vehicle either while the vehicle is at rest (static) or while in motion (dynamic). For future dynamic applications, many of the challenges involve the concrete or asphalt pavement structure.

This brownbag discussion will be a discussion of pavement considerations related to dynamic wireless power transfer and the possible avenues to address these challenges.

SELECT Brown Bag

December 2018 Presentation

Happy Holidays! There will not be a December presentation. We will resume in January.

2019 Annual Meeting & Technology Showcase

Utah State University, Logan, Utah

September 17-18, 2019

Join us! Put it on your calendar now, further details will be sent out.

The 2019 SELECT Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase be hosted by Utah State University. The meeting will continue to bring together a wide range of SELECT faculty, students, members, partners, leaders, and other officials to drive wide-scale adoption of electrified transportation--together. The two-day business meeting will highlight forthcoming research, innovative industry accomplishments, pilot projects, hardware demonstrations, and upcoming big ideas. Speakers and breakout session leaders are chosen from a wide array of SELECT affiliates and other industry leaders.

SELECT state-of-the-art facilities

With more than $20 million invested across partner universities--discover the capability of our cutting edge research facilities.