SELECT innovative research

SELECT research offers an interdisciplinary approach to multiple partner campuses nationwide: Utah State University, Purdue University, University of Colorado - Boulder, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, and Olin College of Engineering. Collaboration with numerous industry and government partners enables SELECT to explore sustainable efficiency in transportation.

Research areas

GATE Center of Excellence in Innovative Drivetrains in Electric Automotive Technology Education

Department of Energy

Plett, G.L., Maksimović, D., Trimboli, M.S., Zane, R.

This project establishes a “Graduate Automotive Technology Education” (GATE) Center of Excellence in the areas of power electronics plus energy storage for electric drive vehicles. A graduate certificate in Electric Drivetrain Technology plus specialized MSEE degrees have been created.

Physics-Based Reduced-Order Models for Vehicle BSE

General Motors

Plett, G.L. and Trimboli, M.S.

This project investigates efficient, accurate, and adaptive reduced-order physics-based models for battery management systems in vehicle applications

Office of Naval Research project

AVs’ impacts on energy demand and GHG emissions

Nadia Gkritza (PI)

The objective of the proposed work is to examine the potential effects of automation on energy demand and GHG emissions from vehicles.

Efficient Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles

PI: Khurram Afridi, Co-PI: Zoya Popovic

UC Boulder

We are developing near-field capacitive phased array in the ISM bands above 6MHz for charging stationary vehicles, and potentially vehicles in motion. The focus is on efficient inverters, rectifiers and associated matching networks for kW power levels with high power densities. Distributed WPT with phasing is used not only for efficiency but also for reducing fringing fields in order to meet field emission standards.

A Disruptive Approach to Electric Vehicle Power Electronics

PI: Robert Erickson, Co-PI's: Dragan Maksimovic, Khurram Afridi

Innovative composite power electronics topologies are pursued to improve traction drive system size, cost, weight, and efficiency. Losses are reduced by 2-4 times. An experimental SiC based prototype has 23 kW/L power density.

High-Efficiency High-Frequency Automotive LED Drivers

Dragan Maksimovic, Co-PI: Khurram Afridi

High-frequency integrated-magnetics drivers support 1-15 LED strings and achieve precise current regulation, high resolution dimming, and very high efficiency.

Robust plug and play expeditionary battery system

Office of Naval Research

PI: Regan Zane, Co-PIs Dragan Maksimovic, Greg Plett, NREL

West Smart EV

DOE (Dept of Energy)

Rocky Mountain Power (SELECT member); Co-PI Ziqi Song (USU)

Lab development for battery thermal and destructive testing

USTAR, EP Systems

Regan Zane