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The Sustainable Electrified Transportation (SELECT) Research Center leads strategic efforts in developing technologies and creating collaborative spaces to drive wide-scale adoption of electric transportation technologies.

Top researchers and students, key industry partners and innovative thinkers, and unique campuses and facilities enable SELECT to take a multi-disciplinary, industry-tied research approach. We expand cutting edge research. We develop multiple stakeholder collaboration and commercialize technologies that advance electrified transportation possibilities.

2017 Annual Meeting & Technology Showcase

September 26-27, 2017

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SELECT cutting-edge facilities that enable electric vehicles to charge wirelessly on a sustainably powered roadway.

Engineers and innovators are pioneering the technology that will enable you to experience transportation in an entirely new light. With no external cables, vehicles can be charged wirelessly through inductive power transfer.

SELECT innovative research on systems that optimize battery efficiency.

Electric vehicles need powerful, lightweight batteries. Explore the research that is directing the current pathways to efficient batteries. SELECT members have access to patents and early inside looks at a developmental research.

SELECT a rich network of industry and research partnerships to establish a brighter future.

Meet the innovators and powerful thinkers who are driving the revolutionary science of sustainable transportation. SELECT faculty and members have access to a unique collaborative platform and our combined efforts are rapidly advancing powerful technology.

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