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SELECT the Future

The Sustainable Electrified Transportation (SELECT) Research Center is driving international adoption of electric transportation. Join us.

Top researchers, students, key industry partners and innovative thinkers develop relevant technologies in a unique collaborative approach: multi-campus, multi-disciplinary, industry-tied. SELECT research enables sustainable electrified transportation.

SELECT a rich partnership network

Meet the innovators who are helping drive the wide-scale implementation of sustainable electrified transportation for roadways (e.g., electric highways and smarter urban settings), off roadway applications, next generation air transit, and synergistic fields including automated vehicles and grid/micro grid integration.

Successful x-57 Battery Testing

December 2017: NASA and SELECT partner Electric Power Systems (EPS) have reached an important milestone this week testing the battery of the first all-electric X-plane. Initial battery thermal tests with representatives from EPS and NASA were successfully completed between Tuesday and Friday this week in the USTAR/EP Systems (EPS) funded Battery Limits and Survivability Testing (BLAST) Lab. All the equipment performed as designed and anticipated. Additional tests are planned in the coming months with EPS and other collaborators; moreover, the success of this week’s tests indicate tremendous opportunity for future collaborations and projects, grants, and contracts with USU, UPEL, and SELECT.

Read the full story about the x-57 Battery Testing

(photo credit: NASA Langley/Advanced Concepts Lab, AMA, Inc.)

First place award at ECCE Conference

“Advanced Cell-level Control for Extending Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Lifetime”

SELECT researchers at Utah State University received the first place award from the IEEE Transportation Committee for their 2016 publication of “Advanced Cell-level Control for Extending Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Lifetime.”  The research expounds the advantages of cell-level control systems that enhance the lifetime of large battery packs. The proposed control approach uses comprehensive algorithms to assess individual cells based on their state of charge, capacity, and internal resistance. The result minimizes energy loss from capacity mismatch and optimizes the usable energy of the battery pack over an extended period. The IEEE Industry Applications Department notified USU of the award in late July 2017 after concluding a formal review of the 2016 Milwaukee, WI conference.

Read the award winning paper.

State and business leaders visit SELECT

July 27, 2017: Members of the Utah Legislature's Transportation Interim Committee visited SELECT's facilities for in-depth demonstrations of vehicle autonomy, transportation electrification, and smart mobility systems. Legislators and business leaders are enthusiastic about the state's competitive national advantage in leading the future of transportation, but intent on addressing public safety issues and other concerns. SELECT is well-positioned to address those worries--its holistic research approach and unique national and international collaborations are swiftly advancing reliable and sustainable electrified transportation. Read more or watch the press release through the Fox13 News coverage.

SELECT innovative research

SELECT’s faculty and industry partnerships have assembled a broad, core set of research and technology development capabilities in vehicle electric powertrains, charging systems and infrastructure, energy storage, transportation engineering, and impact analysis.

SELECT calendar

Contact David Christensen (, SELECT Executive Director, for more information.

SELECT Brown Bag

August 2018 Presentation - Web-Based Mapping Tool in Support of EVSE Deployment Decision Making

Thursday, August 16, 2018

12:00pm – 1:00pm (MDT)

Dr. Nick Flann
Professor of Computer Science (Utah State University)

Dr. Flann will present on the development and use of a decision-making tool for effectively deploying EV charging infrastructure across a specific geographical region. The interactive web-based mapping tool enables a user to load existing and planned charger locations and then explore alternative placements of new chargers.  To quantify the impact of a deployment, all possible EV trips throughout the transportation network are determined and visualized based on energy consumption and cost models along with AADT and origin/destination traffic data. In addition to the interactive tool,  an automated system has been created that considers all possible alternative deployments given a set of possible charger locations and identifies those that lead to the most significant impact for the least cost.  The tools were developed as part of the DOE-funded WestSmartEV program in conjunction with project partner and SELECT member Rocky Mountain Power/PacifiCorp.

SELECT Brown Bag

September 2018 Presentation - Economic Viability of Electrified Heavy Duty Trucking

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

12:00pm – 1:00pm (MDT)

Dr. Jason Quinn
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Colorado State University)

The electrification of heavy duty trucking represents a unique challenge and opportunity. This presentation examines vehicle modeling work coupled with real world truck drive cycles leveraged to understand the performance and corresponding economics of different electrification schemes including wireless power transfer and long range large battery systems. The work includes evaluation of the impact different charging schemes have on the economics of the system. 

2018 Annual Meeting & Technology Showcase

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

October 17-18, 2018

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The 2018 SELECT Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase be hosted by Purdue University.  The meeting will continue to bring together a wide range of SELECT faculty, students, members, partners, leaders, and other officials to drive wide-scale adoption of electrified transportation--together. The two-day business meeting will highlight forthcoming research, innovative industry accomplishments, pilot projects, hardware demonstrations, and upcoming big ideas. Speakers and breakout session leaders are chosen from a wide array of SELECT affiliates and other industry leaders. Plan now to Join us for the 2018 annual meeting. Further information will be emailed and updated on this site


SELECT state-of-the-art facilities

With more than $20 million invested across partner universities--discover the capability of our cutting edge research facilities.