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Leading strategic efforts to drive electrification of U.S. transportation


1.) Champion Sustainable Holistic Solutions for Grand Challenges
2.) Eliminate Range Anxiety and Cost Barriers
3.) Support National Initiatives and Standards in Electrified Roadways
4.) Perform Full-scale System Technology Demonstrations and Pilot Projects

5.) Create a Viable Path to Reduce Air Pollution in Cities
6.) Advance Safety and Resiliency
7.) Provide Interoperability of Charging Infrastructure: Light to Heavy Duty Vehicles



  1. Build a Broad Membership Base Across Multiple Spaces
    • Achieve cross-fertilization of ideas, problem solutions, and risks
    • Identify and fill technology gaps
  2. Address GRAND CHALLENGES through integrative research
    • Leverage multi-university and industry board perspectives
    • Expand innovative solutions by teaming on grants
  1. Develop Students for Industry Leadership
    • Provide authentic, industry-sponsored, collaborative projects
    • Facilitate industry visibility of qualified, experienced students
  2. Demonstrate Technology Viability and Commercial Potential
    • Validate technology thru System Demos at the USU EV Track
    • Pursue city and highway-scale Pilot Demonstration Projects


Integration of demonstrated expertise provides holistic, systems-level solutions

Center Guidance

Industry Board:

  • Automotive OEM’s
  • Electric Utilities
  • Fleet Operators
  • Component Mfg.’s
  • Electrical & Roadway Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy
  • National Labs
  • State & Fed Agencies
  • Military
  • Investment Firms




  • Sponsored Research across Partner Universities
  • Faculty, Staff and State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Streamlined Contracting With USU Overhead Reduced 50%
  • Pathway to System Demos, Pilot Projects



  • Highest Visibility of Students across Partner Universities
  • Latest Innovation, Ideas, Solutions, & Technology Gaps
  • Direct Interaction with Thought Leaders & Technologists
  • Experienced Faculty Oriented to Industry Timelines & Costing



  • Active Teaming on Collaborative Projects
  • Vetting of Concepts & Defining Paths Forward
  • Support & Recommended Nat’l Initiatives and Standards
  • Annual Technology Summit & Showcase


Electric Drivetrain, Energy Storage, Battery Optimization

Grid-tie to Renewable Energy, Wireless Power Transfer

Dr. Regan Zane, USU

Dr. Zeljko Pantic, USU

Dr. Dragan Maksimovic, CU-Boulder

Dr. Khurram Afridi, CU-Boulder

Dr. Robert Erickson, CU-Boulder

Dr. Zoya Popovic, CU-Boulder

Dr. Gregory Plett, UCCS

Dr. Scott Trimboli, UCCS

Dr. Christopher Lee, Olin

Dr. Steven Pekarek, Purdue

Dr. Dionysios Aliprantis, Purdue

Dr. Scott Sudhoff, Purdue

Automation, Security, Roadways, Transportation

Networks, Techno-economics, Societal Impact

Dr. Jason Quinn, USU

Dr. Ziqi Song, USU

Dr. Marvin Halling, USU

Dr. Paul Barr, USU

Dr. Ryan Gerdes, USU

Dr. Rajnikant Sharma, USU

Dr. Konstantina “Nadia” Gkritza, Purdue

Dr. John Haddock, Purdue

Dr. Jan Olek, Purdue

Dr. Becky McDaniel, Purdue

Dr. Nancy Whiting, Purdue



Primary Contact Information:

Center Director: Regan Zane
Email: regan.zane@usu.edu
Phone: +1.435.797.4949


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